Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Peek in the Medicine Cabinet of...B. from STFU, Parents!

1. Name: B. from STFU, Parents
2. Age: 29
3. What is your skin type? Much like me, it's a little on the sensitive side
4. What color are your eyes? Green
5. What color is your hair? According to my stylist it's blond!
6. Describe your everyday look in a few words. At home: casual & occasionally pantsless. Outside home: slightly put-together.
7. Where do you live? Brooklyn, baby!
8. What aspect of where you live affects your hair, skin care and/or make up? In the summer my hair looks fabulous. In the winter it looks like crap. No humidity just kills it.
9. What do you do for a living? I'm a writer and professional shit-talker AKA blogger.
10. If you could design your dream job, what would it be? Probably what I'm doing now, except with Ina Garten's back garden and patio and a bunch of minions.
11. What would you change about your appearance? My love handles are not so lovely. I have a keyloid on my shoulder that I HATE, but a few generous souls have told me that scars are "cool." Technically I could get it fixed with cortisone shots, but them bitches is 'spensive.
12. What do you like most about your appearance? Big eyes, big boobs, fast metabolism. Maybe not in that order.
13. What do you to when you want to indulge? I drink champagne with St. Germain in it and watch something terrible on TV while reading a home decor magazine like Living Etc. I don't really absorb what's going on in either but the multi-tasking feels very satisfying.
14. What was the first fragrance you ever wore? Exclamation. It ruled.
15. What fragrance did you wear in high school and/or college? Does smelling it take you back or bring to mind a specific memory? Do you/would you wear it again? In high school I relied heavily on lotion and body wash to smell good. I was into Bath & Body Works stuff for a while. Juniper Breeze takes me back! *tear* In college I think I was in a "not caring phase."
16. What is your favorite fragrance that you currently wear? I'm pretty cheesy. If I wear a fragrance, it's signature Juicy Couture. I kind of love it. I hope that doesn't make me a whore.
17. Where do you buy most of your make up and skin care products? Sephora, Ricky's NYC and my cousin's work closet (she works in beauty PR)
18. What do you wash your face with? Just water!! My skin is sensitive and doesn't want a daily face wash. When I shower (not every single day!) I wash it with a gentle soap.
19. What product do you buy the most of? I rarely buy products. Usually I just replace products I ran out of. But I do love me some lip balm. Burt's Bees is the best. There's no disputing that.
20. What is your most recent beauty splurge? Bargain? The bargain is my cousin handing over a bag full of goodies including teeth whitening strips, hair masks and cellulite cream! She knows me so well. The splurge is probably my hair. Every couple months I pay my stylist friend Tom to cut and color it at his salon. He gives me a discount, but let's face it: Good hair costs money.
21. Ladies, what was the first make up product that you were allowed to wear? How old were you? Hmm. I don't know why I got into blue eyeliner, but in 8th grade I started wearing it all the time. I was obsessed with it. It was my "signature thing." I think that was my first foray into wearing make-up regularly. I'm sure my mother probably tried to stop me. Thankfully that phase only lasted about 10 months.
22. Pop quiz, hot shot: You've overslept and now you only have 5 minutes to get ready in the morning - what do you do? Brush hair, brush teeth, eyeliner, mascara
23. What does your daily skin care/make up routine consist of in the a.m.? Did I mention that I'm lazy?! I do nothing. I splash a little water around so I wake up, but that's it unless I shower. If I'm going out to a meeting, I put on eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. No face make-up (like foundation) for me.
24. What is your p.m. routine? Pretty much the same as above, but more dramatic eyes than daytime + lip gloss.
25. When you are getting ready for a special event or night out, how does your skin care/make up routine differ from your daily routine? I've always wanted to be one of those people who understood how to switch up my routines based on the time and place, but in reality I'll never be that person. I'll always be the girl who wonders how it takes celebrities 2+ hours to get ready.
26. When you hit puberty, what aspect of growing up seemed the most exciting to you? Least exciting? Most exciting was driving. No question! Least exciting was body changes. I didn't know how to deal with them at all.
27. Who were some of the first females in your life that you looked to for beauty advice? Well, first there was Carla, who told me my eyelashes were "too long" and I should cut them with scissors (I didn't!). Then there was Robin, who modeled her looks on Rayanne from My So-Called Life when we were friends. After that I kind of winged it. I also looked to magazines like YM and Seventeen a lot.
28. What beauty or skin care product can you not live without? Mascara, although I'm still searching for the perfect one after all these years...
29. What beauty or skin care product do you spend the most kwan on? Shampoo and conditioner. I always use Bumble & Bumble even though it's $$.
30. If you went on Survivor, what would your luxury item be and why? I don't watch Survivor so I'm going to say "water", followed up by "Wintergreen Tic Tacs."
31. What magazines do you read for style/beauty tips? Right now I'm way more into home style than beauty style so most of the magazines I buy center around interior design. But I do read a few personal style blogs for fashion :)
32. What book have you recently read that you want everyone you know to read? Why? This is random, but I love The Oatmeal's new collection of comics. It's so fun to read through a few at a time.
33. Where do you draw beauty inspiration from? Definitely just being on the street in NYC. That affects my style and idea of beauty on a daily basis. Also magazines and blogs.
34. What is your health/beauty/skin care guilty pleasure? Acupuncture. I LOVE it.
35. What is your favorite lip balm/gloss/stick of all-time? Why is it your "ol' faithful"? As stated above, Burt's Bees original FTW!
36. What perfume are you dying to get a whiff of? No clue :(
37. What new (or new-to-you) beauty or skin care product are you excited to try? I've always wanted to try Bare Escentuals. Gonna do that sometime.
38. Give us a good beauty tip you've learned from someone over the years. To stand up straight. Posture and beauty are intrinsically related. Of course, my posture sucks but it was still a good tip.
39. Which celebrities do you think have great style? Why? I love Heidi Klum's style because she's not afraid to show her legs and she likes metallic things like I do. I also like Diane Kruger's style because she has a point of view and seems to thoughtfully select her outfits.
40. What tips/tricks/products (if any) has your significant other picked up from you? Have you picked up anything from them? Well, truth be told we share deodorant. I just like his better! I think the best trick/product my man has learned from me is a lil thing called a TIDE PEN. He'd carry one with him everywhere if it were up to me.
41. When you were 16, what beauty trends did you participate in? What about when you were 21? When I was 16 I definitely tramped it up a bit and went slightly goth (but not really). Then I somehow transitioned into kind of a bohemian/hippie thing, so the "trends" were mostly dictated from being a dumbass teenager. When I was 21 I totally indulged in that giant flower pin/broach thing Carrie did in Season 3 of Sex and The City.
42. If you could go back in time and stop yourself from participating in one beauty trend or fad, what would it be and why? I think the gloppy glitter gel for your eyes was pretty gross and uncomfortable to wear. Anything with glitter that was sticky or heavy was probably a bad idea.
43. If you could snap your fingers and have anyone else's __(ex. lips, hair, biceps, attitude, etc.)__ in the world, whose would it be? Right now? Bethenny Frankel's biceps! I also think Jennifer Aniston's body is fabulous for her age. Apparently my boyfriend thinks Brooklyn Decker has the best boobs.
44. What do you find beautiful about the opposite sex? Same sex? I think personal style and confidence is sexy in both sexes.
45. What beauty invention do you wish you'd thought of OR What beauty/skin care invention would you like to see? Well it would be great if I could get rid of this damn keyloid on my shoulder myself. Other than that, maybe I wish I'd invented pimple cream. I bet the person who invented that made a fortune.
46. Worst reaction you've ever had to a beauty/skin care/hair product? When I was in 5th grade I bought a facial mud mask at Garden Botanica at the mall and it left my whole face pretty red and raw for about a day. I replaced it with a cool aloe gel mask that I kept in the fridge. It was awesome.
47. What product completely disappointed you? LOTS of mascaras, Nair-type hair removal products
48. What product have you used that ACTUALLY DID WHAT IT CLAIMED? My cousin gave me a tube of Pixi Eye Tone Brightener, which helps your eyes wake up (or "look awake"), and I feel like it totally works! I love it.
49. Where in the world would you love to travel? Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Spain
50. What store would you most like to receive a $1,000 shopping spree to? (Does not have to be beauty-related) Probably a vintage furniture store, although $1k might not get me too far. I'm also obsessed with Gilt Groupe and the laziest shopper ever, so a gift card to that site would please me greatly.
51. If you could trade wardrobes with anyone in the world, who would it be? I'm a fan of Blake Lively's wardrobe and Diane Kruger's wardrobe
52. When you travel, what beauty product do you never leave home without? In the summer: SPF 100. In other months: my favorite eye shadow
53. Name a hot beauty trend going on in the city in which you live. Do you plan to participate yourself? There are so many and they're always changing. It's too soon to tell for summer. Rompers were pretty big last year so I think they might take a backseat this year, although I saw a girl wearing a full-body "play suit" yesterday which worried me.
54. What beauty/skin care items are currently in your bag? Of course I somehow have 2 Original Burt's Bees sticks, plus Desert Essence Lip Rescue (which sucks, btw), plus The Body Shop coolant lip balm in peppermint, and finally Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Mykonos. I'm into lip stuff apparently.
55. What person that you know in real life has a style that you admire? This sounds funny, but my friend Tom. He's my hair stylist and a fabulous gay man who just has a great style. He knows how to stand out without looking obnoxious. He's unique. That's what everyone should strive to be! :)

Catch more of B.'s clever wit, creativity and sharp sense of humor on her blog, STFU, Parents!

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