Sunday, May 3, 2015

Loves & Lemons | April 2015

What is Loves & Lemons?  A compilation of the best - and worst - products that I encountered during the previous month.  Read on to see what I loved and what didn't quite measure up!  Be sure to share your loves and lemons in the comments below!

Essie Splash of Grenadine
My mom first discovered Splash of Grenadine last year, and after seeing Xuvious' post in February, I tracked down a bottle at Ulta.  This cheerful lavender cream will be spending a lot of time on my tips and toes this spring and summer!  

This mask combines the clarifying power of kaolin clay with the nourishing hydration of shea and cocoa butters.  It smells like chocolate cake, and while it does tighten as it dries, it never gets uncomfortable.  My husband Jason was so impressed with my glowing complexion after I rinsed it off, he agreed to let me use this mask on him!

With a gorgeous texture and color range, the Revolution and Sheer Revolution lipsticks are some of my personal favorites.  I'm loathe to choose a favorite shade, but Rush is closest to "hitting pan" (tube?!) and I definitely plan to repurchase it.

NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation Santa Fe
After working with this foundation on and off for well over a year, I've concluded that it just doesn't jibe with my combination oily skin.  I've tried every application method: fingers, dry/wet sponge from compact, dry/wet Beauty Blender, dry/wet Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, dry/wet kabuki buffing brush, dry/wet flat foundation brush, over primer, on bare skin, on skin misted with Fix+, not set with powder, set with powder, whilst listening to legendary soft rock crooners Air Supply, patting it on counter-clockwise under the light of a waxing gibbous moon, etc.  No matter what, it looks cakey and settles into my pores after a few hours.
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After successfully transitioning from anti-perspirant to deodorant, I decided to try this organic option.  Sadly, it wasn't a love.  The texture is abrasive to the point of being unpleasant to apply and there is hardly any scent.  By the end of the day, I didn't smell fresh.

What were your loves and lemons last month?


  1. Looove that nail polish on you and you have piqued my interest in UD lipsticks! Sorry to hear the NARS foundation is a dud tho. I haven't tried any cream foundations because I have a hunch that they just won't work for my combo oily skin!

  2. Sounds like you gave that NARS foundation plenty of chances, too bad you guys didn't work out. Grenadine is suuuuuuch a pretty shade!

  3. What is loves and lemons? ONLY THE GREATEST BLOG SERIES of MAH LIFE. I've yet to find Splash of Grenadine but it's just so beautifully amazing that I SHALL NOT stop searching. I'm also this close *holds up fingers squinted a centimeter apart*** from caving and joining the Revolution. I loved the one I tried and your obsession ain't helpin'!! ;) ;)

    I have never seen that NARS foundation compact!?? It's so sad you can't get it to work for you. I appreciate the links to other reviews because I'm totally intrigued and can't wait to read about it.

    I also never answered you about the antiperspirant vs deo comment! YES I KNOW that like "film". Not a happy sitch. I'll stay away from the Fresh Fig but am ultimately excited about Vanill?? Vanilla? I'm going back to your post to write it down. Nervous and happy all at the same time.


  4. "whilst listening to legendary soft rock crooners Air Supply, patting it on counter-clockwise under the light of a waxing gibbous moon, etc."

    LOL Kristen. You are hilarious. Seriously, though, if it takes that much work, it's so not worth it! And I just started dabbling with a sample pack of the UD Sheers. They definitely are more jelly, as you say!

  5. I love love Loves and Lemons! Too bad about that Nars foundation, at least you gave it a fair try! I have loved Essie Blossom Dandy nail polish and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Foundation. I can't recall anything that I particularly didn't like.

  6. LOL AIR SUPPLY hahahahaha
    I used to love that stuff too, but now nope it settles into my goliath pores as well.... Sigh.

  7. Oh no, sorry to hear that NARS foundation doesn't work for you. I remember it was all the rave when it first launched. I didn't try it though. Have YET to try a NARS foundation. Perhaps I'll try their new liquid foundation. One day :-) And yes to the UD Sheer Revolution lipsticks!

  8. The only NARS foundation that's worked well for me is the tinted moisturizer! I've tried 3 others (Radiant Cream Compact, Sheer Glow, All Day Luminous) and non have gotten on well with my face, lol! Yes to UD lipsticks all day! I just finished Rapture! Yes, I *finished* another lipstick! I'm on a roll! ;)

  9. That Air Supply reference was for you, LOL! A little hat tip to my T-Money! :D So crazy about the NARS RCC. Most of the reviews I found, read, and linked had issues with pore settling! No mi gusta, señorita! ;)

  10. Ha ha!! Thank you so much, Agata! :) That makes my day to hear! I've been so curious about the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I think it might work well for me! That's good that you didn't have any lemons this month!

  11. Ha ha! Thank you, Larie! I seriously exhausted all methods of application with that bad boy. I felt so relieved to de-stash it finally! I couldn't agree with you more - anything that takes that much work isn't winning friends and influencing people over here! I loved your Instagram post about Sheer Anarchy! They lied, lol!! :D

  12. The UD Sheer lipsticks sound fabulous, especially to wear everyday for work.
    I NEED that nail color...ASAP!

  13. I just purchased an Essie polish a bit darker than that. I name is escaping me right now. This month I am LOVING the L'Oreal Infallible lipstick in Enduring Berry. It's creamy, and such a nice pop of color. I'm also loving Hard Candy's Tiki bronzer/ high light. I'm uber pale and bronzer just looks strange on me. This gives me a nice faux tan without being orange. (;
    Can't say I had any lemons this month, which is pretty great!
    Have a great week!


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