Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A-B-C’s of likeness

Simple…just type in 2-4 things you like that start with each letter!

A: my Anaconda don’t want none, fun Advent calendars (say featuring Orlando Bloom or Tyra behind those little doors of mystery), Arizona, Air Conditioning

B: Beach, Beef, Books, Bones (TV show)

C: Cake, Cotton, Ben & Jerry’s AmeriCone Dream, Crab Cakes

D: Jason’s Deltoids, dangly earrings, the Devil’s Dictionary

E: Eiffel Tower, Einstein Brothers Bagels, England

F: “This place smells like flippin’ fish!”, Fountain City Candles, Fox Mulder, French food

G: Goulash, the word Goombah, cute reading glasses

H: HOCKEY!, hot tubs, home, the word Hyannisport

I: Infiniti G 35, Original Gangsta iPhone, “Kevin, you are what the French call ‘les incompetent’.”

J: Jack Bauer, strawberry jam (not to be confused with jelly), jazz blades

K: Kosher dills, special occasion koozies

L: Laughter, golden labs, fresh laundry

M: Massage, mac n’ cheese, the word muffins, “If you were an item on the McDonald’s menu, you’d be the McSnoodle.”

N: New clothes, the word nary

O: Orange Crush, the word oogly-boogly

P: Peonies, Pier 1, James Patterson, pens

Q: Non-country looking Quilts, the idea that if Jason’s BFF Chris and his wife Brooke bought a Winnebago and put their son Quinn in it, they could call it the ‘Quinnebago‘ (must tell them ASAP), the lady on HSN who wears headband rolls straight outta Olivia Newton John’s ‘Physical’ video who runs a business specializing in hideous attire for older ladies (complete with ’scatter pins!’) called the Quacker Factory

R: Roses of any color or creed, roller coasters, romance, the words rife and rabbit

S: Stationary, the Catholic Saints, starfish, snoodling

T: Turquoise, tumblers, tuna melts

U: the word ubiquitous, new underwear

V: Victory high fives, Vacations

W: Well-broken in pillows, time well wasted, the name Winnie

X: X marks the spot, Xenon (it is a noble gas, you know), the word xenophile

Y: Yorba Linda, California, YAY!, the word yarn

Z: the words Zimbabwe, zephyr, zenith and zilchbottoms

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