Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reasoner Seasoner

1. Do you still dress up for Halloween?: I would but it’s hard to find a good party/event to go to where this is even an option!
2. If no, then do you hand out candy?: No, lol!
3. Do you have people over your house on Thanksgiving?: No – I go to parental homesteads where they’ve cooked a turkey or two in their lifetimes.
4. Have you ever had pumpkin pie?: Sure.
5. Do you love it when the leaves change colors?: Hmmm. In ways yes b/c it’s beautiful, but in other ways no b/c it means winter is coming and I am not a big fan of that!
6. Ever been to a Haunted House?: Haunted Forest at GSU! Terrifying. Chainsaws were being ripped in the woods. I ran through most of it with a girlfriend pinned to my side! Ha!
7. Did you almost pee your pants?: No but it was definitely scary!
8. Are you excited on the first day of school?: Haaaaa! When I was little I used to get really pumped! I always got new shoes right before the school year started and I’d wear them the whole day and then wear them with my pajamas the night before the first day of school.
9. What is your favorite month in Fall?: October – not too cold, still able to do outdoor stuff.
10. Do you call it “Fall” or “Autumn”?: Fall.

1. Is Christmas your favorite time in this month?: DEF!
2. Or do you celebrate Hannukha or Kwanza?: Neither
3. Sledding is fun, am I right?: I’ve only been a few times (it doesn’t snow much in ATL!) and the “sled” was a cut up cardboard box, but it was good times!
4. Have you ever been Snowboarding or Skiing?: Neither
5. How do you celebrate New Years?: With people I love
6. Does it snow where you live?: Hardly ever, and usually at random times like March 30th.
7. Do you own a fire place?: No, I’m not big on those, actually.
8. If so, is it always going in the Winter?: N/A
9. Is this your favorite season?: NOOOOO
10. Winter: like it, love it, or hate it?: I tolerate it but I could skip the whole schlamiel and be happy. All I really want is a white Christmas one year and I’d be gold.

1. Do you still have egg hunts?: No – the last one I attended, I was the Easter bunny (in full regalia, including a giant rabbit head) and kids were charging me like I was…well, the Easter Bunny. They were all very curious about who was in the bunny suit!
2. Do you go to Church on Easter?: Sometimes. The best time was when I went to services with Emily at a Catholic church we found on the way into Charleston from Folly Island. It was full-scale Catholic action complete with swinging incense balls and holy water flying nimbly-bimbly ’round the pews. It was really enjoyable and a fun learning experience!
3. Does Spring get you excited that it’s almost Summer?: YESSSSSSS!!!
4. How is the weather like where you live during Spring?: Pretty nice and warm
5. Are April showers annoying?: As long as they bring May flowers…no.
6. Is May your favorite Spring month?: Totes!!
7. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?: I have tried…and failed. This year it was rainy and FREEZING the venue was outdoors! It was pure misery!
8. Are you even Irish?: Partially.
9. Do you plant new flowers when Spring starts?: No but I would if I had a home/land.
10. What is your favorite flower?: Truly I’d have to say roses. The bigger the better. I love cabbage roses but they’re hard to get ahold of here. They are monstrously stout and gorgeous!

1. SCHOOL’S OUT! What time do you wake up in the morning?: Yeah right! the same time as every other season! Get ready, kids – b/c someday this whole “summers off” thing comes to a screeching hault!
2. Pool or Beach?: BEACH
3. Is Summer your favorite season?: By and far
4. Do you like laying out, getting tanned?: Love it.
5. Do you often have friends over?: No, but I expect I would if I had a beach house!
6. Have/Do you have to go to Summer School?: Never did.
7. Are there any Summer sports you play?: Pool chilling 101.
8. Is your birthday in this season?: Nopes
9. What’s the hottest month of this season?: AUGUST
10. When does Summer vacation start?: I wish it started tomorrow!

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