Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What do you think of when you hear…

1] Fire hydrant: dog peeing on one
2] Shoprite: Old beat up mall one might find on ‘Roseanne’
3] Bacon: Kevin
4] Water: Smart
5] Printer: Snapfish
6] Luck: 4-leaf clover
7] Polyamorous: Ridiculous
8] Concert: amazing times
9] Navy blue: sailing
10] Tongue: in cheek
11] Friend: love
12] China: grove
13] English: books
14] Silverware: drawer
15] Petri dish: grody
16] Doctor: no fun
17] Teeth: chattering
18] Pies: I prefer cobblers
19] Frost: only fun on Christmas morn
20] Tupac: stress relief (I’ve been meaning to discuss this more in-depth. When I’m stressed, I listen to Tupy and things seem to improve.)
21] Smitten: with Jason
22] Twenty: five to life – no thanks
23] Employee: of the month
24] Apple: bottoms
25] Katharine: Hepburn
26] Apathy: Green Day
27] Dead: Sea scrolls
28] Japanese: Chin
29] YouTube: Dou Dou the Shih Tzu (really)
30] Polar bear: Wouldn’t want to run into one.
31] Camera: Fun
32] Cash register: Cha ching!
33] Africa: safari
34] Rug: doctor
35] Treasure chest: Johnny Depp
36] American flag: Lee Greenwood’s ‘Proud to be an American’ blaring on July 4th
37] DVD: ‘Mean Girls’
38] Pencil sharpener: the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil
39] Computer: Oregon Trail in 4th grade
40] Spike: golf shoes
41] Straw: berry Beret
42] Lipstick: gets everywhere, I prefer balm.
43] Lamp: glass
44] Beethoven: St. Bernards
45] Clockwork: Orange freaked me out
46] Shakespeare: oodles of quotes
47] Desk: clean
48] Road: trip!
49] Tiburon: sharkleberry punch Kool-Aid
50] Cup: cake

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