Wednesday, June 17, 2009

in a word

Photo by SARAH LEE

01. Favorite accessory: Earrings
02. What do you wear when you're down: Frown
03. When you're feeling pretty: Smile
04. When it's raining: Umbrella
05. What do you sleep in: Tee
06. Favorite designer: Marchesa
07. Handbag: Springy
08. Jeans: Bootcut
09. Worst fashion moment: 1993
10. Mom's style: Put-together
11. Your work style: Clean
12. BFF's work style: Scrubs
13. 3 places you'd rather be right now: Beach, Paris, Home
14. Your hair: Long
15. Favorite thing: Fun
16. Favorite celeb: K.Stewart
17. Favorite color: Teal
18. Drink: Pepper
19. Food: Fresh
20. Your dream/goal: Contentedness
21. Your dream last night: Humorous
22. Your fear: Torture
23. Where do you want to be in 10 years: Sound
24. On your wish list: Steeplechase dress
25. Your TV: Off
26. Your computer: Dependable
27. Your life: Happy
28. Your mood: Relaxed
29. Last time you cried: Awhile
30. Last time you laughed: Today

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