Monday, July 15, 2013

Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Girl Flower #340

When it comes to nail polish, I like easy, breezy, and fast.  The only top coats I use are the quick drying variety that get me from wet paint to dry enough to fish around in my purse in minutes.  I have been intrigued by nail polish strips for a long time but figured they required some level of skill to apply and I always defaulted to buying regular nail polish.  I finally decided to take the plunge with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Girl Flower because I loved the funky floral design.  Guess what?  These are super easy to apply and remove! 
The kit comes with everything you'll need, including instructions, a dual-ended, two-sided nail file, a wooden cuticle stick, and 16 nail polish strips in a variety of sizes.
If inventory control is such a big deal, why do our Atlanta CVS stickers
say the item is intended for sale at Nashville Store 6426?  Always been
curious about that...
After unsuccessfully attempting to assemble Ikea furniture using only logic and an Allen wrench, I find reading instructions to be a worthwhile venture.  :)  According to Sally Hansen, you start with clean, dry nails,  and use the wooden stick to push back any unruly cuticles.  You then use the hot pink side of the nail file to shape your nails and the white side to gently buff the surface, following that with a swipe of polish remover to ensure a clean, oil-free surface.  Next, select a strip that best fits whichever nail you're starting with, remove the clear backing, line it up on your nail and press it on.  Smooth out the surface with the flat side of the wooden stick, smooth the excess over the tip of your nails, and then file off the excess with the light pink side of the nail file.  VOILA!  Done.  
I did my nails in under 10 minutes and there was no drying time!  No top coat necessary!  Woohoo!  You know how someone always texts you when you've just applied a coat of polish?  And your phone is at the bottom of your purse under mountains of junk just waiting to tear up your wet nails?  Not a problem with these pups!  

There were enough strips to do two manicures.  If your nails aren't super long, you could easily cut the strips in half and have enough for four!  
These were really fun and I got stopped a lot by nail lovers asking how I did the design.  These say they last up to 10 days; I got a solid 7 before I experienced some minor chipping.  For me, 7 days is quite impressive!  When it's time to remove them, you use regular polish remover and they melt right off like any other polish.  I'd rate removal A+: super easy!  These come in 40 different styles, so if floral funk isn't your bag, there's 39 other options.

Have you ever tried polish strips?  What was your experience?

My Rating: A+
Cost: $9.00 USD
Where to Buy: CVS,

Happy Monday, beautiful!  I hope you have a great week ahead!


  1. Yay, flower power! The only nail wraps I've tried are some NCLA ones. Really love the design (black lace over red)! Impressive how these last for 7 days!

  2. TracyBeautyReflectionsJuly 15, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    LOVE these! Marky loves nail strips-they last longer on her than polish does. I've never tried them-my nails are so short right now, but I should-hey?

  3. Aw, they look super pretty! I don't think stickers would last long on me though, but they look cute!

  4. Dankjewel, Melissa! :) They lasted longer than I thought they would, too!

  5. You definitely should! They have some really fun studded looking ones that would look FIERCE on you!

  6. Ooh! I love the sound of the black lace over red! I bet that was really pretty!

  7. This pattern has been around for awhile bc I think I wore it over a year ago, and I was in LOVE with it! I can't believe it's still available - this means I need to go look for it again pronto. Perfect summery manicure look!

  8. So glad you tried these! I've always been interested, but super skeptical! Going to have to give it a try!

  9. You totally should give them a try! They were so much easier to use than I thought and they have some really cute patterns that I could never create with nail polish!

  10. Thanks, JennySue! These make having a fun nail design so much simpler than using nail polish! It's definitely a fun summer look! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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