Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review! | Ulta 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie in Buttercream Cupcake

What's your favorite type of scent for body wash?  The two types I love most are gourmands and super fresh "clean" scents.  After reading Torey / Beauty & Beatitudes' review of Ulta's Buttercream Cupcake Scrub, I decided it was high time I investigated the Ulta house brand's bath and body offerings.
Ulta's 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothies can be used as a body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo, and come in a variety of scents.  The formula contains an antioxidant complex of acai, goji berry and mangosteen super fruits that leave my skin feeling soft and conditioned.  I've used it as a shampoo and it works fine, but I already have a shampoo rotation I love, so I mainly use the Beauty Smoothie as a shower gel.  The Buttercream Cupcake scent is DELICIOUS.  Like showering amidst several dozen fresh baked vanilla cupcakes.  Y'all know my obsession for Bath & Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel is real, but I'm prepared to say that I prefer Ulta's Buttercream Cupcake!  Plus, I can get Buttercream Cupcake year-round, versus Vanilla Bean Noel which is only available around the holidays.
The other thing I love about Beauty Smoothies?  You get a SOLID amount.  You can choose the 16 ounce size for $12.00 USD or the 24 ounce size for $16.00 USD.  In comparison, Bath & Body Works Shower Gels are 10 ounces for $12.50 USD.  Since I had such a positive experience with Buttercream Cupcake, I picked up Creamy Cocolada, Strawberries & Champagne, and Coconut Lime Cooler during a BOGO sale and love them all.
I have to say a big thanks to Torey.  Without her mention and glowing review of Ulta's Buttercream Cupcake Body Scrub (which I purchased and LOVE), I may have overlooked the bath and shower products from Ulta's house brand.  Long story long, the Ulta 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothies are really nice, luxurious shower enhancers and should definitely be on your radar.

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