Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review! | Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation SPF 20 (30 Medium Beige)

Sometimes I find it more challenging to write reviews when I'm head over heels for something and it falls in step instantly as part of my routine like it was always there to begin with.  I feel under equipped to give it it's proper credit somehow.  When it comes to foundations, Dior's DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation SPF20 is so good, I want to serenade it with gems from the original 90210 soundtrack.  Jamie Walters' "How Do You Talk to an Angel?" comes to mind.  "Tell me, tell me, the words to define, the way I feel about someone so fine..."
Nude Air is a delight.  It's so versatile.  The coverage is what you make of it.  Use a damp Beauty Blender for medium, or apply it with finger tips or a brush (I love using the Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush) for full.  No matter how I apply it, it feels completely weightless.  I often forget I'm wearing foundation, which is why Nude Air has been a constant companion for me this summer.  I'd say it has a natural matte finish.  I haven't used powder once to set it and yet it holds up to heat and humidity like a boss.  Most days, I don't even have to resort to oil blotting sheets or my purse compact.  It always looks as if I've just put it on.
Color-wise, I think 30 Medium Beige is a good match for my NW25 summer skin but it will definitely be too warm and yellow-based for fall and winter when my tan has faded into oblivion.  Luckily, it's available in 8 shades ranging from 10 Ivory to 60 Mocha so finding my cool weather color match shouldn't be too troubling.  The SPF 20 in the foundation has never caused me the dreaded white cast in flash photography, so I think it's a great option for special events.  In fact, I'm planning to wear it to one of my best friends' weddings next month in New York City because I know I can count on it for great coverage and staying power and not worry about flashback.
As far as comparisons to other foundations I've tried, Nude Air reminds me most of another favorite, Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation.  Dior's formula is a little runnier and the dispenser is a true squeeze dropper, where Maybelline's is more of a spatula that has to be wiped onto the back of the hand or a mixing palette prior to application.  Nude Air is a little neater, but overall the formulas and finish are similar and I get great results with both.  As with any serum foundation, shake well before each use to ensure it's mixed and ready to roll.  I like to pinch the dropper a few times to make sure I'm getting the newly mixed foundation into the dispenser.
Bottle longevity-wise, I purchased Nude Air at the end of March and I think I can make it to mid-August before I've used up the bottle.  Four and a half months is pretty good to me, especially since I've used it almost exclusively since I got it.
I know serum foundations can be tricky for people with dry complexions as the thin formulas tend to catch on flakes and dry patches in a not-so-flattering manner.  If you're dry or have dry patches, try Nude Air on and see how it works for you before committing to a full bottle purchase.  If you have combination or oily skin (like me), I think you'll find the thin, breathable formula to be a real peach!  It is so hard to find a foundation that doesn't slide off your face in hot weather when you have oily skin.  Nude Air has been a wonder!

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Cost: $53.00 USD

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