Tuesday, January 22, 2013

M&BB Monday Poll

Fun survey from Karen over at Makeup & Beauty Blog!

1. How do you feel right now? Good, but I'm having some sniffles from allergies!
2. A color or colors you feel you wear well? Pink lips and cheeks.
3. One of your favorite TV shows from the ’80s/’90s? Saved By the Bell was always so cheesily enjoyable, Roseanne (I still watch it in re-runs), and My So-Called Life was bomb!
4. Have you ever given yourself a haircut? I’ve trimmed my ends but nothing super crazeballs.
5. Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate milkshakes? Ya know, I’m not a big milkshake person but I LOVE a chocolate malt!
6. What hits the spot? Savory food and trips to Sephora!
7. A job you think you’d be pretty good at? Working in the beauty department at a magazine, working with animals, or building things.
8. A single strand of pearls: yes or no? I am southern so I should be bout it bout it, but I’m just not a fan.
9. Last time you wore a tiara? Wow, elementary school maybe?
10. What are your weekly goals? Work out 3 times, complete 2 more product reviews, finish “Thin, Rich, Pretty”, and watch the finale of Project Runway All Stars that I have DVR’d!

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