Friday, January 4, 2013

REVIEW! | Orly Nail Lacquer 40461 Passion Fruit

Orly Passion Fruit, part of the Hot Neons collection, is a punchy neon coral with a matte finish.  It's part of Orly's permanent line.  It is BRIGHT!  Like a screamin'-watermelon-coral-punch-in-the-mouth!  I did my typical manicure prep of swiping my nails with acetone and then a quick coat of Orly Bonder base coat.  Passion Fruit was fully opaque after 3 coats.  It was definitely passable with 2, but I had some visible nail lines rockin' so I went for 3.

This nail color is really beautiful!  It's hard to nail down (ha ha) precisely what the color is because it looks so different depending on the lighting.  In indoor lighting, it's a bright coral that leans a bit orange (reminiscent a bit of the orange-tastic OPI Cajun Shrimp), but in sunlight or flash photos?  It's Cra-Cra hot pink side comes out to play!  It dries incredibly fast, as most neons do, and dries down to a matte finish.  I typically prefer shiny polish so I finished up my mani with Revlon Quick Dry top coat, which has replaced Seche Vite as my favorite quick dry product because it doesn't shorten the wear of your nail color and it costs about half as much.  Score!  

Orly's packaging design is brills; the rubberized cap ensures easy opening and closure. 

I find Orly polishes to be very high quality and long-lasting.  I don't like to give a typical wear time because it doesn't exist!  Everyone does their nails differently, uses different base/top coats, and everyone's nails experience different wear and tear based on their occupation and hobbies.  If I was a professional dolphin trainer who liked to bowl and scrub shower tiles in my spare time, my polish probably wouldn't last as long as someone who was a professional hand model who slept in satin gloves.  :)  My personal experience has been fabulous with Orly; my nails last 4-5 days before chips and tip wear emerge victorious.  If this color is a little too boo-yah for a manicure, or you work in a conservative environment where "party rock nails" are discouraged, I think it would be adorable on toes.

My rating: A
Where to buy:,
Indoor - without flash
Indoor - with flash
PS: My Lovcat wallet arrived and my giant Samsung Galaxy Note fits in the zippered side perfectly!  Ya-yeah!


  1. Are you still using the Note? I have Note 2 and now I'm itching to get the Note 3!!!!

  2. I am! It takes the BEST pictures! :) The Note 3 looks really amazing!


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