Monday, March 11, 2013

FAVORITES! | February 2013

Since it's getting to be mid-March (!!!), I thought it was high time I posted my February favorites!

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter: Dry skin doesn't have a chance with this body butter in your medicine cabinet!  I get chapped red skin on my sides like I've been out roping steers on the prairie.  I typically slather on body cream with a few drops of Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil mixed in for extra moisture.  Then I found this Boots Extracts body butter and my dry skin woes are no more.  It smells like heaven and deeply hydrates without leaving you feeling greasy.  Like Maxwell House, this stuff is good to the last drop!

Chloe Eau de Parfum: There is a note in certain perfumes that makes me extremely nauseous.  I've tried so many scents but have been unable wear them because of this.  I'm still trying to narrow it down to the note of doom so I can avoid it forevermore, but for the most part I just stick to citrus-based scents.  They are light and smell divine but because they lack stronger base notes, they don't last.  I've been looking for a perfume that holds on for a few hours without giving me a headache and that dreaded queasy feeling.  I tried a sample of Chloe Eau de Parfum on my wrists and loved it; it's soft, fresh, and feminine with a hit of rosiness.  The base notes are cedarwood, amber, and honey, and the scent lasts all day.  I never wear perfume on my neck after some bad experiences where I spritzed it there, got sick, and couldn't wash the scent away!  You've never truly had *fun* until you've tried to remove too-strong perfume from your neck with Soft Soap and 1-ply paper towels in the kitchenette of your office.  After wearing Chloe in tentatively increasing doses (spray in the air and then waive one wrist through it, then both wrists, then spray directly onto one wrist, and so on), I finally put it on my neck and I was amazed!  I could smell a hint of it throughout the day but it never got overwhelming.  For someone with the fragrance sensitivity I have, being able to wear real perfume is thrilling!

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish in Violet It Ride: A fast-drying neon violet polish that lasted 6 days without so much as a chip?  Yes, please!  Review and swatches of this little beaut will be posted this week!

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush:  By now you're familiar with my penchant for blush, and when I saw this one, I may or may not have squealed internally with joy.  The pink and peach shades combine into a shimmery coral that highlights the cheekbones without the disco inferno glitter bomb effect.  Aside from the color being flattering, the blush lasts all day without fading.  And have you noticed it's heart-shaped?  Loves.  I'm working on a full review with swatches now; here's a sneak-peek!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Who would have thought six neutral mattes would have become my most-reached for eye shadows since Urban Decay's original Naked palette?  I typically love shimmery shadows, but these mattes really speak to me and make getting ready at 7 a.m. a cinch!

Have you ever tried any of these beauts?  What were some of your February favorites?


  1. I'm very sensitive to perfume scents as well, which is why I only own a couple perfumes. I also love the Naked Basics Palette! It's such a go to palette when I don't know what to do or want to do something simple. I'm planning on traveling with it pretty soon and just bring a Maybelline Color Tattoo with it and perhaps a single MAC eyeshadow. I love the look of the Too Faced Flush blush. Amazing design and packaging!

  2. THAT BLUSH. You are a bad blush influence buddy! ;) I've been avoiding looking at that heart blush because I SO don't need anymore blush but from your arm swatch there, I don't think I actually have anything similar. DRAT. ahahaha
    And SAME goes for the Naked Basics Palette. I always look at it, but think-do I need it? I'm thinking YES.

    1. Of course you need that blush! Don't be ridiculous! I mean, how many other blushes do you have that are both heart-shaped and tri-colored? :) And yes, I think you do need the NB palette! It's the easy rider of shadow palettes. Goes anywhere and isn't fussy!

  3. I love my Naked Basics Palette, thank you for gifting it my way! I'll give the Nina polish a shot, I love to hear that it lasted so long without chipping. Happy to hear you found a nut butter to help with that chapped red skin on your sides like you've been out roping steers on the prairie. Really? lol!

    1. LOLS! You know how I love to rope steers in the winter! :) you're welcome for the NB palette! I knew you would love it and use it often. That thing is the bomb.


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