Wednesday, March 20, 2013

REVIEW! | Stila Sun Bronzer in Shade 02

Looking to add a little warmth to your skin without clocking hours under the harsh rays of the sun?  Enter Stila Sun Bronzer, a bronzing powder that's not too orange and leaves only a hint of illumination for a very believable sun-kissed look!

Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 02
Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 02
Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 02 - Direct sunlight
Stila Sun Bronzer comes in two shades; I selected Shade 02 because it appeared to have more of a cool brown tinge, versus Shade 01 which seemed to lean more gold.
Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 02 - Heavy / Blended - Direct Sunlight on NW20 skin
Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 02 - Heavy / Blended - Flash on NW20 skin
I really like this bronzer; it lasts all day on me with fading or oxidizing.  It gives me the look of having spent a little time outdoors without the ruddy/muddy brown look common to a lot of bronzing powders.  The shimmer adds just a hint of light reflection to your skin.  Think Galadriel, not Edward Cullen on holiday.  :)
I love that the compact is sleek and contains a mirror, making it a handy player in your makeup stash.  A lot of companies make their bronzers enormous, which can be fun, but the fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand size of Stila's bronzer make it much less cumbersome to store or carry with you in a purse or cosmetics bag.  It's also wonderfully pigmented; I've barely made a dent in the pan after a year of near daily use!

Disclosure: Product purchased by me, opinion is my own.
My Rating: A
Cost: $28.00
Where to Buy: SephoraStila


  1. This bronzer seems very well-loved! I seldom do bronzer, but the bronzer season is around again. Glad to hear it doesn't oxidize! Oxidizing bronzer just makes skin look dirty!

    1. Hai Sunny! You have such beautiful snowy skin, I can see why you skip the bronzer. This is a good option if you do decide to plunge into the bronze side! :)

  2. Galadriel is ALWAYS better than those pansy vampires. Man, they just RUINED vampires.
    I've always heard good things about this bronzer. I wonder if it's too orange for me though? Hmmmmm.....:)

    1. Ha! You crack me up! I've heard theBalm has good bronzers that are better for cool ladies like yourself but I've never tried them out personally. I love this bronzer, and another good one is Wet n Wild. Both make me look like I have a tan, and not like I attempted to roll in sacks of paprika! :)


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