Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tag by xlovehappyx

As you probably know by now, I *love* surveys - both filling them out and creating them!  When cutie pie Galaxia @ xlovehappyx posted this fun tag on her site, you know I had to do it!  :)

1. What is your #1 hair product? 
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  I've lost count of how many bottles of this I've bought in my lifetime!  I couldn't get a comb through my fine, tangle-prone hair without it.  It's my HG conditioner fo sho!

2. Which celebrity’s style do you like the most?

I'm not a big fashion person (I could live year-round in jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops) but I can appreciate other people's style.  I think the following ladies always look tops: Kerry Washington, Kate Hudson, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, and Queen Latifah.  If I could pick one person to be my next-door neighbor, it would be the Queen!

3. Which “real life” person’s style do you admire the most?  
My friend Jason L. because he always looks like he's put just the right amount of effort into his outfits (I know men hate that term but what else do you call clothes, shoes, and accessories?!) and he looks put-together.  He's one of those magical people whose clothes look expensive, even when he tells me he got something on sale for $21.00.  It's an art.    

4. Who is one of your favorite YouTuber/Bloggers?  

I've recently been checking out Andrea/FIMC - she's knowledgable and quirky-dorable.

5. What camera do you use to take your photos?  

It's a Nikon Coolpix S9300.

6. Where is your favorite place to buy jewelry?


7. What is the most expensive handbag you own?

An iridescent purple bag my fiancee gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  :)

8. What pair of shoes do you want to get next?

Cute-yet-comfy wedge heels.  I live in them during the spring and summer.  I love a comfortable shoe that doesn't look comfortable!
Steve Madden Winona 
9. Do any of your friends like beauty/makeup as much as you do?
I don't think anyone's as crazy about it as I am (except maybe Jamie!  UD 4 Life! :), but since I've started the blog more and more of my friends whom I didn't think cared much about the subject have come to me both with recommendations and to ask for my advice.  It makes me so happy when a friend loves something that I recommended to them!  I also sometimes ask them if there's anything they're curious about and review something just for them.  

10. How often do you do your nails?

Every few days unless I find a color that I'm "crazy about" (spoken like Sean from The Bachelor, lol) and then I'll wear that until it starts looking dodgy.
Nina Violet It Ride = Love. Review post soon!
11. What is your biggest skincare/hair/makeup concern?
I have normal-to-oily skin and oily hair (the double whammy, if you will!), so finding products that control the shine and keep my face and hair looking clean is up there for me.

If you want to do this tag/survey, please do!  Let me know when you're done so I can check out your responses!


  1. I don't know why, but I feel so special right now LOL thanks for doing this tag! ♥

    I've heard a lot of great things about the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, but have not yet tried it--guess I should! Kerry Washington does have great style...almost listed her character Olivia from Scandal for the person who's closet I'd love to raid. I LOVE when things look more expensive than they are! hahaha I need to learn that art asap.

    So weird that I just found FIMC the other day; I'd never heard of her but she's great. I think I know what camera I want, but I have to check out other good ones :) Etsy is amazing...can't believe the beautiful things regular joes can craft!!! I'd love to see your purple bag and I live in wedges, too!

    My friends never talk about beauty, but I'll get strangers asking me about it all the I make friends with strangers ^_^ I can wear Lady Like by Essie for forever, or any glitter polish. Oily skin is an issue for me too; I will hunt for great products for us!

    Lots of fun reading your answers! xo

    1. I love "Olivia Pope"'s style on Scandal! OMG, her wardrobe! Everything is so feminine and pretty and looks super posh. I would LOVE to raid that closet! FIMC is so cute and her blog and just pretty as hell. Which makes sense because she's a graphic artist! Glad you're enjoying her, too! LOL @ talking beauty with strangers! I think that's my favorite thing, when a complete stranger says they like your nail polish and you can see they want to know what it's called and how you did the designs, etc. It's like a little secret society! :) Lady Like is gorgeous! And yay for us - we're on the Oily Skin Posse! You down with OSP, yeah you know me! ;) lol

  2. Oh I love these kind of tags too! Very fun to read, thanks for sharing :-) And I totally understand your biggest beauty concern. After an 8-month roaccutane treatment in 2011-2012, my skin is now slowly starting to become oilier/shinier again (total :-() and I am constantly looking for ways/products to keep the oil and shine at bay.

    1. Damn girl! 8 months is serious. I'm sorry your skin is becoming oilier again (argh!) but hopefully it's behaving other than that? I think the best thing I've ever found to stop shine was Retin-A but it TORE my skin to shreds! No matter how slowly I tried to ease down the Retin-A road, my skin was like a bucking bronco of flakes, pain, and irritation. Literally the only plus was it wasn't oily AT ALL! No powder touch-ups needed in the afternoons, lol! If you ever find any good shine stoppers, give me a shout! I'll do the same!

  3. oh you know I'm all over this tag next! :D

    1. Yay!! Bring it, Jasmine! :D Give me a shout out after you post it so I can read our answers! I love these - you learn so much about people!


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