Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Wish List

june 2013 wish list

Oh hai!  How's your week going?  I thought I'd post a few of the items I've been jonesing for lately!

1.) Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Marshmallow Bunny.  A creamy, dreamy, hydratingly delicious pink lippie?  Yes, please!  It's sold out everywhere right now.  If anyone sees it online for sale, let me know!

2.) NARS Douce France Eyeshadow Trio.  I know this palette is considered "old news" because it debuted last year as part of the Spring 2012 collection, but I've always had a place for it in my heart /  makeup bag.  I may or may not have found it for sale tonight for an absolute crazy may or may not be on it's way to my hacienda as you read this post.  ;)

3.) OPI Jade is the New Black.  This is another item I've had eyes for ever since it came out way back in 2010!  Have you seen it swatched?!  It's a gorgeous Frazier Fir-like green cream polish and lately I can't stop thinking about how much I need it on my finger tips.  I own zero green polishes because it's just not a color I gravitate to with my coloring (it brings out a sallow tone in my hands), but this one looks like it's got enough blue in it for my liking.  #bringit

Have you tried any of these lovelies?  What's on your wish list for June?

On a more serious note, my heart goes out to anyone in the path of the horrible tornado in Oklahoma Friday night.  Jason and I watched the coverage on CNN and The Weather Channel for hours and couldn't believe what we were seeing.  Did anyone else watching happen to see the shots of the aquamarine color of the tornado??  That was beyond belief, and something I thought was added for effect in The Wizard of Oz.  I had no idea that was a real phenomenon.  I hope Oklahoma, and all of the other beautiful plains states, get a break for a while.  I've never been to OK, but I have visited both Little Rock and St. Louis and they are amazing cities filled with some of the nicest human beings I've ever come across.  Thinking of y'all, and especially the wonderful bbloggers who live near that area that I know: Jasmine, Galaxia, and Kayla.


  1. Oooh nice wish list, I wouldn't mind getting all these lovely goodies myself either :-)

  2. OOO look at that cute humming bird! Totally unrelatedly: I have a pair of hummingbird earrings. I should take them out again ;)

    I'm trying not to buy anything till I go back to Taipei (sometime in July), so I don't really have a wish list for the moment. It's more like I'm kidding myself that I don't though, if you know what I mean :p

  3. Thanks, Melissa! I think the nail polish would look especially good on you! :)

  4. LOL! Yes, I do know exactly what you mean, Sunny! I think we have a constant mental wish list! And yes, you need to bust out those hummingbird earrings! They sound adorable!

  5. TracyBeautyReflectionsJune 3, 2013 at 1:01 AM

    I can't believe all the horrible tornadoes lately-so sad. :( I hadn't heard about them until Saturday because I was travelling on Friday. I hope there's no more.
    Nice list! I've always liked that NARS palette too, but never got it. I can hardly wait to see you wear it! It's going to look AMAZING with your bright blue eyes!

  6. I hope there's no more tornadoes, too. It's just so crazy that a town could be hit twice that closely together.
    This palette would be amazing on your blue eyes! I got an email this week from NARS with a friends and family sale going on for anyone signed up on their mailing list and this palette was $25 I think?! I thought it was quite insanely well priced!

    Safe travels to you, my peach!


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