Monday, June 17, 2013

Mani Monday | Butter London Trout Pout

Happy Monday!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did you do anything fun?  I had a great weekend, myself.  Friday night I met 3 of my friends out for dinner and we had so much fun getting caught up and laughing.  Afterwards, we went back to Emily's house where I got to spend some quality time with her cat Moe, one of my favorite "O.P.P.'s" (Other People's Pets).  I love that cat.  Saturday I had a blast hanging out with my mom!  We went to Ted's Montana Grill and each ordered a different signature burger, cut them in half and split them.  She ordered the Avalon ("Melted Gruyère with a hint of Bleu cheese, crumbled bacon, roasted garlic aioli and baby arugula") and I got the Canyon Creek ("Cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, blackberry jam and a fried egg") and they were awesome. There's something so right about a juicy, messy burger topped with an egg.  Sunday I got caught up on blogging, worked out with Jason, and had a mini-marathon viewing session of Downton Abbey.  I'm still on season 1, and it's just so good!  Have y'all seen it?  The Dowager Countess' facial expressions and zingers are priceless.
In honor of my recent Downton Abbey viewing and my general love for England (apparently some of my ancestors hailed from Hastings), today's Mani Monday is Butter London's Trout Pout.
Butter London Trout Pout
Butter London describes this shade as an "opaque cantaloupe" but I find cantaloupe to be a bit peachier, typically.  Trout Pout is a beautiful coral creme that looks lighter and pinker in outdoor lighting.  Indoors, the orange tones come out to play and the polish looks a bit more bold.
I picked up Trout Pout and Teddie Girl during a fantastic sale (I think they were 2 for 1!) at a few months ago.  Originally, I wasn't on fire about the formula as I found both polishes required 3 coats to achieve fully opaque coverage.  However, I've since changed my mind after wearing Trout Pout several times.  I can easily get 2 coat coverage by applying a slightly thicker second coat.  The wear time is pretty fantastic; I got 5 days of chip-free wear with very minimal edge wear.  I only had minor chipping on my thumb on the 6th day because I tried to pry open a box with my bare hands like a wild animal.  Note to self: Get scissors next time.  

I feel like Butter London's bottles are made for nail bloggers!  That rectangular shape makes for a perfectly flat display area to show off your tips.
Butter London Trout Pout
Like similar packaging from Dior and Chanel, the top slides off to reveal a much more user-friendly brush handle. 
Coral is one of my favorite colors, so it's no surprise that I love this polish.  I think it would look amazing with a grey and white chevron accent nail or a chunky silver glitter gradient (if you have the patience to remove said glitter later on, lol)!
Butter London polishes are 3 Free, meaning their formulas are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.  Butter London is currently having a Friends and Family sale on their website for 30% off your entire order with coupon code "FFSUMMER".  I checked and the sale is good on their US, UK, and Canada sites!  If you've been curious about the brand, or you're already a faithful BL devotee in need of one of their new shades, now's a great time to pick one up!

What's your favorite Butter London polish?  What are you wearing on your nails this Monday morning?

My Rating: A
Price: $15.00
Where to Buy: Butter London, ULTA


  1. TracyBeautyReflectionsJune 17, 2013 at 1:27 AM

    Those burgers OMG YUMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm I could eat burgers every day! And I keep wanting to watch Downton Abbey too! Must start! This is one the prettiest coral shades of polish ever!

  2. Oh wheee this is such a happy shade! I haven't tried anything from Butter London if you can believe it. I keep eyeing some of their shades but I haven't taken the plunge!

    The O.P.P. thing totally cracked me up! I do that too. I even stop outside of total strangers' windows to look at the cats perching on the windowsills. I wonder if someone will eventually call the police one day ;)

  3. It's pah-rettteeeeeeh :-) This is definitely my kind of shade. I am currently wearing raspberry pink on my nails.

  4. Ooh, raspberry pink sounds like a groovy summer shade! :)

  5. HA HA!! That would be the best police report ever if you somehow got in trouble for looking at people's pets, lol!

    I was definitely impressed with the wear time from both BL polishes I have. I usually have chips by day 2! You should definitely check these out if you happen upon a sale! :D

  6. I could eat burgers daily, myself!! This really is a lovely coral; it's hard to find one that's not too orange/red or pink and this one fits the criteria so well. You *NEED* to watch Downton! It's ridiculously interesting! I watched all of season 1 in 2 days (it's only 7 episodes)!

  7. Oh awesome! Are you all caught up and current on Downton (through season 3)? I just watched episode 1 of season 2 and it's just getting better and better! I agree - this polish practically hollers for accents, glitters, stripes, polka dots, gems, jewels, airbrushing, lol! ;)


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