Wednesday, February 27, 2013

REVIEW! | bareMinerals READY 8.0 Eyeshadow palette in The Star Treatment

My mom has been urging me to watch The Following starring Kevin Bacon and tonight I finally found the pilot on iTunes (for free!).  I have to say...I really, really liked it!  I was watching it alone because my fiance Jason went to bed early and there were a few moments where I had to look away rom the screen because I knew something sinister was about to unfold and make me jump like an electric monkey.  It was really good!  I finished it up and needed to unwind before wandering into our darkened bedroom (I'm not scared!  Really...) so I thought about things that make me happy.  Fam.  Friends.  Animals.  Sunshine.  Buttery-soft Eyeshadows.  

Natch, that led me to the bareMinerals READY 8.0 Eyeshadow palette in The Star Treatment!  I bought this palette as a gift for my mom and she loved it.  She was kind enough to let me borrow it for swatching and research purposes.  :)

The Star Treatment kit includes a .05 fl oz tube of their Prime Time eyeshadow primer and the palette features eight 0.28 oz shadows:

VIP - gold-flecked black
Connoisseur - golden copper
Carte Blanche - icy ivory
Ritzy - shimmering cocoa
Kudos - luminous golden gray
Bragging Rights - shimmering rose gold
Elitist - glistening olive
Extravagance - golden glow

These all applied fabulously smooth and creamy and the pigmentation is great.  Connoisseur, the golden copper, is RIDIC.  The pigmentation of the color and the gold leaf effect of the shimmer just really makes it one of the most amazing golds I've ever seen.  Bragging Rights, the shimmering rose gold, and Elitist, the glistening olive, were the other two shades I favorited due to their quality and color payoff.  The only shade I had some troubs with was VIP, the gold-flecked black, because it wasn't the most pigmented of the bunch.  

I used to be a bareMinerals fanatic and had oodles (technical term) of the individual loose powder shadow pots.  I still remember standing at that incredible lazy susan of shadows and wishing there was a way I could get it in the trunk of my car before anyone noticed.  For years, they were the only shadows I used and I can't say that I ever came across one that didn't perform well.  If you've tried the loose shadows and you're looking for a slightly more portable option that lower mess quotient, the READY line is your new BFF!  

The palette fits in the palm of my hand and could easily be tucked into a makeup bag, a purse, or even the back pocket of your jorts!  bareMinerals' pressed shadows are some of the best I've found as far as texture and pigmentation and they are generally adored in the beauty world.  Sure you're going to pay more for these shadows than a comparably-sized quad from a drugstore brand, but the quality of the bareMinerals shadows is worth the extra dough.  In the long run, the more pigmented and smooth a shadow is, the less you'll need to use and the longer it will last.

bareMinerals READY eyeshadows make up part of my holy shadow trifecta, if you will, that also includes Urban Decay and Tarina Tarantino.  

Bare Escentuals often has their palettes on sale so keep your eyes peeled!  I just checked and this palette is currently on sale for $25 bucks!  That's almost half off!  If you're in the market for a warm-leaning palette of eight beautiful shadows that perform like Beyonce at halftime, The Star Treatment might be just what you're looking for!

My rating: A+
Price: $40.00 $25.00 right now!  That's $3.13 per shadow with a free primer tossed in!
Where to buy: Bare Escentuals
bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 in The Star Treatment
bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 in The Star Treatment
Yay for mirrored metal! So fun to photograph, lol! This picture just makes me laugh.
The Star Treatment: VIP, Connoisseur, Carte Blanche, Ritzy, Kudos, Bragging Rights, Elitist, Extravagance
VIP, Connoisseur, Carte Blanche, Ritzy, Kudos, Bragging Rights, Elitist, Extravagance (Direct sun / Dry / NW20 skin)
VIP, Connoisseur, Carte Blanche, Ritzy, Kudos, Bragging Rights, Elitist, Extravagance (Flash / Dry / NW20 skin)


  1. That is one great palette, I like it alot!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the colors and the quality! Kudos for the outstanding photos once again. Can I have it back now? lol! Love you, mom

    1. LOL! Yes, I've now returned it and you better be rocking some Golden Eye looks A.S.A.P.! ;)

  3. Dude I watch The Following and it's GOOD. I really like it a lot! Keep watching it! It gets better!
    I laughed at loud at the picture in my head of you standing there trying to figure out how to get the lazy susan of shadows in the car HAHAHAHAHA. Awesome. I used to be a BM fanatic too-it was all I used and I still have a lot of their stuff. I always think I should use them more often, but so many other new pretties!

    1. Tracy, I forced her to watch it because it's awesome!! Kevin Bacon posted on his FB page that the last episode was his favorite because he "finally got to kick some follower ass". lol! It is a great show and I'm glad to see KB on TV again!

    2. Y'all will both be happy to know I watched episodes 2 and 3 of The Following last night and it was SO GOOD! :D I plan to watch #4 tonight! K-Bacos is amazing! I still love him dancing his ass off in a barn in Footloose, as well. :)

      PS: I would still be happy to have the lazy susan of BM shadows if anyone can think of a way to pull of the heist!


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