Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Photo - Tools

Happy Saturday, all!  What's on your agenda for today?  It's rainy and chilly here, but my mommers and I are going on a little excursion to lunch and Sephora to turn this drab day around!  I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. It WAS a blast! And how cool was it they had an Archie's Girls makeover going on at Macy's?

    1. It was! Thanks for being an awesome mom! And yes, the Archie's Girls event was a fun coincidence!! I love it when you said, "Look! Archie's there! He's in the box!" LOL

  2. Hey girly, happy weekend! I hope you had a great time lunching and going to Sephora! Did you get anything? I went to my bestie's birthday party yesterday. It was a very adult party and I didn't get home late at all, but I'm having such a slumpy day today it's impossible! Luckily I'm one blog post away from bed ;)

  3. Happy weekend to you, Sunny! :) We had a lot of fun at lunch and Sephora - ran into the MAC squad on the way there! There were doing Archie's Girls makeovers and had a guy with orange hair dressed like Archie in a booth for you to have your picture taken with after your makeover! It was loco! We picked up some goodies, too. I'm pretty excited about the Clarisonic Mia and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Mood Light! Testing them both this week along with a few other fun items! Don't you love testing products? Esp. when they're great?! It sounds like you had a fun weekend too and hopefully you got your last blog post done before bed! Sundays are made for schlumpy time! :)


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